Administrative Division

The Administrative Division of the Delano Police Department is comprised of several different units that provide support services to the citizens of Delano. These units are the School Resource Officers, Communications, Records, Volunteers, and Crime prevention. 

The School resource officers (SRO) are responsible for safety and crime prevention in the elementary and high school districts. The SRO are employed by the Delano Police Department and work closely with administrators in an effort to create a safer environment for both students and staff. The responsibilities of SROs are similar to regular police officers in that they have the ability to make arrests, respond to calls for service, and document incidents. School resource officers typically have additional duties, including mentoring and conducting presentations for students and staff.
The Communications Division is Police dispatchers who are in the front line of the policing world; they are the first line of communication. Dispatchers are often responsible for doing double duty as 911 operators. They take calls for service then send law enforcement to the scene. Dispatchers are responsible for monitoring and recording the location of police officers, they answer both 911 and non-emergency calls for service, perform driver's license and wanted persons queries, assigning case numbers and recording case notes, use computers and computer-aided dispatch, operating police radios, and dispatch patrol officers to calls for service.
The Records Division houses all paperwork created by officers as they respond to calls for service. Access to the information and how it is processed are governed by state and federal laws. The Records Division employs five people to process, index, distribute, and retrieve this paperwork. Information and copies of reports are provided to citizens, attorneys, and insurance companies during regular business hours.  Our personnel who access the information must be certified by the Department of Justice, and the Records division maintains all data as specified by State and federal records retention laws. 

 Volunteers/ Police chaplains serve in a wide variety of ways. They may be called upon to assist in death notifications, assist and support victims in times of crisis. They visit sick or injured personnel, are a resource for counseling members of the agency and their families, and serve as a liaison with other clergy in the community. They are called upon to deliver the invocation or benediction at public ceremonies as representatives of the police department. They also are on hand to serve inside the police department.
The Crime Prevention Officer is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing a variety of crime prevention, safety, and community relations programs for the Police Department. The focus on establishing working relationships by networking with the community, church groups, schools, and local businesses. They provide information on Neighborhood Watch programs, Bicycle Registration, and Crime Prevention Education Services. 


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