Unsolved Cases

We are currently updating the unsolved cases portion of our website to reflect more current cases. Please contact the Police Department's "Tip Line" listed below if you have information on any case.

The following is a synopsis of unsolved murder cases the Delano Police Department currently has under investigation. There is a substantial reward for information that can be used to solve these open cases. Information can be left on the Police Department's "Tip Line", 24 hours a day 661-721-3369.

1.  Missing Person
Tessie Mangohig, last seen in Delano on 4/29/2016.

2. Homicide: victim Erika Lango (Case 13-05002)

On 10-10-2013, at about 1530 hours Erika Padron Lango missing.  On 12-3-13 at approximately 1230 hours, Erika Lango’s body was located at the Friant-Kern Canal just north of Woollomes Avenue.  Based on current case information, it was apparent she was murdered.  Any witness information revealing suspect or co-conspirator information would be valuable to this case.  We ask anyone with any information related to this case to come forward.

3. Homicide: victim Ramon Cabral (Case 18-00737)

On 02-21-18, shortly before 0235 hours victim Ramon Cabral and two other victims were sleeping inside a parked vehicle in the east alley of the 800 block of Jefferson Street.  Cabral and one of the victims were shot by an unknown subject.  Cabral sustained multiple gunshot wound was later declared deceased at KMC.  The other victims survived.  Cabral was a NORTENO gang DROPOUT and may have been targeted in the past by active NORTENO gang members.  Physical evidence in this case is lacking and witness testimony or firsthand knowledge would be valuable to this case.

4. (Case 18-03351)

On June 15, 2018, friends Rodrigo Avalos, Melvin Alas and Francisco Mendoza, were visiting at the at the home of Manuel Cervantes, on the 1700 block of Ellington Street. An unknown suspect walked onto the driveway of the home and shot several times, killing Avalos and Cervantes and wounding Alas. 
The investigation showed that Avalos, Mendoza and Cervantes went to a local store shortly before the shooting and may have been followed from that location. There was no evidence of a confrontation with anyone at the store.
The investigation showed that the suspect may have fled the area in a white or light colored sedan

5.Delano Police Department Case Number 16-01771

Offense: Homicide

On 04/28/16, at about 1120 hours, Delano Police Department officers were dispatched to the area of 8th Avenue and Ellington Street regarding shots fired. On arrival, officers located Marcus Cardenas (age: 20), who had sustained a gunshot wound. Marcus Cardenas was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead from the injuries he had sustained. 

6. Delano Police Department Case Number 14-04253

Offense: Homicide

On 10/25/14, at about 1921 hours, Delano Police Department officers were dispatched to the area of 7th Avenue and Fremont Street regarding a possible single vehicle collision. On arrival, officers discovered a brown 2001 Mitsubishi Galant had collided with a fence in the area. Officers observed the Galant had multiple gunshot holes. Inside the Galant, officers discovered the bodies of three Delano area men, Shawn Michael Pantoja (age: 19), Ricardo Arredondo (age: 19), and Alberto Juan Gonzalez (age: 19). The three men had sustained gunshot wounds and were pronounced dead at the scene. 

7. Rape: Case Number 14-03345

On August 1, 2014, at approximately 7:11a.m., a 13 year old female was walking to school in the 800 Block of 8th Avenue.  As the victim was walking past the alleyway, an unknown male grabbed her, forcibly walking her between two buildings, concealing them from public view.  The victim was tied up and sexually assaulted.    The suspect was described as wearing glasses with his head and face partially covered with a blue/turquoise bandana.   The suspect was also wearing black cargo shorts, and a tan/faded purple shirt.   

8. (Case DG07-0441) Deceased, Miguel “Michael” Angel Cortez
Date & time of occurrence: 01/27/2007 @ 0055 hours
Location: 1011 Austin Street, Delano, CA 93215

The 18 year old male victim was seated on the passenger seat to his vehicle with his 16 year old girlfriend driving. The two went to a friend’s and parked in the driveway where greeted by one of their friends. While seated in the vehicle and conversing with the friend, who was outside of the vehicle, unknown perpetrator(s) drove-by in an unknown dark colored passenger vehicle. The perpetrator(s) fired 4-5 gunshots from the moving vehicle into the victim vehicle killing the 18 year old victim.

9. (Case DG07-1694) Deceased, Steven Fierrero
Date & time of occurrence 03/24/2007 @ 2256 hours
Location: 326 Catalina Place, Delano, CA 93215

14 year old male victim, his older brother and two male adult friends were standing outside the front of his residence when an unknown green or blue passenger type vehicle occupied by unknown perpetrator(s) drove-by and fired a high caliber weapon at the four victims.

The 14 year old victim sustained three gunshot wounds resulting in his death. The brother and the two adult friends suffered gunshot wounds and survived.

10. (Case DG06-06801) Deceased, Edgar Gonzalez
Date & time of occurrence 11/18/2006 @ 2052 hours
Location: 1125 Quincy Street, Delano, CA 93215

Two brothers were in the rear yard of their residence when an unknown suspect(s) entered the rear yard shooting and killing one of the two brothers. The suspect was seen leaving the area in an unknown type passenger vehicle. The suspect was believed to be a passenger in the vehicle which was waiting in the alley.

11. (Case DG06-02343) Deceased, Esequiel Perez
Date & time of occurrence 04/22/2006 @ 2305 hours
Location: 12th Avenue and Fremont Street, Delano, CA 93215

Two male victims, members of a “Southern” street gang, were driving to a local bar and nearing the intersection with 12th Avenue and Fremont Street. A white passenger vehicle was seen driving parallel to the victim vehicle. The white vehicle discharged several gunshots into the victim vehicle. Both male victims sustained gunshot wounds, one of the victims died as a result of the gunshot wound, while being treated at the hospital.

12. (Case DG06-01773) Deceased, Michael Bowers, and Danilo Caraan
Date & time of occurrence 03/24/2006 @ 1252 hours
Location: 16th Ave and Princeton St, Delano, CA 93215

The two male victims in this case were sitting in front of a residence located at the corner of 16th Avenue. A primer colored vehicle arrived at the residence, and two males exited the vehicle and approached the two victims. The two males who exited the vehicle, produced hand guns and shot the two victims, at close range in the head. There were many witness to the shooting, but none have been able to identify the shooters in this case.