Grace's Personal Statement

From Council Member Grace Vallejo
"As a Council Member my vision for the City of Delano and all of its residents is that we aspire to achieve a level of greatness that is well beyond what any of us could ever imagine. My mission is to greatly enhance the city’s economic state by partnering with prospective, commercial retailers in the hopes of providing a plethora of shopping options, while simultaneously creating excellent employment opportunities for the members of our community.

With the added revenue streams these new businesses will generate, I will work hard to ensure that our money is used to improve the aesthetic appeal / beauty and the law enforcement agency of the city. I will work in conjunction with our chief of police to ensure that our officers serve and protect our residents and maintain our community at a nurturing environment ideal to raise a family.

I will strive to obtain and use state funding to create recreational programs that inspire our youth to realize the potential of their interests, talents and dreams. I will partner with our educational leaders to provide our students with the highest level of academia that will prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow and will secure them with a foundation to challenge and inspire others to achieve greatness in their lives. It is my mission to create an ideal community where other cities, that are experiencing similar challenges, can view Delano as a model or prototype on how to produce successful results."