About Finance

    The Finance Department administers the financial affairs of the City of Delano. The department manages the City's revenues, expenditures, investments, purchasing, accounting, budgeting, and debt. As such, the department provides the City's departments and residents with the dependable and efficient quality services in billing and collection of City services, cash management, and other fiscal functions in accordance with legal and professional standards.

Department goals are

  1. To ensure the safety and security of the City's assets;
  2. Provide the financial resources necessary to support goals and operations of City Department;
  3. Develop sound financial strategies for business decisions; and
  4. Actively support the local business economy.
Strategic planning is a vital process that allows cities to take control of and shape their futures. Effective strategic planning involves an understanding of what business we are in, who our customers are, and how well we are meeting their expectations and needs.

These issues are explained in detail in the City's budget reports, and we urge you to take a few minutes to review these important documents.


  • Keeps and maintains the financial records of the city
  • Bills and collects for city services, taxes, licenses, and fines
  • Implements internal control measures on credit and purchasing, disbursing funds, banking and investing
  • Banks and invests monies received on a day-to-day basis
  • Helps the city manager prepare the city budget
  • Prepares financial statements to reflect the city’s financial position and results of operation

Services Provided

  • Revenue and expenditure reports to city departments
  • Financial information to investors of city bonds
  • Assists employees with payroll matters
  • Assists with utility customer questions
  • Issues business licenses
  • Assists customers with dog licenses, parking tickets, yard sale permits, and car wash permits