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Accounting Division
Accounting Division

    The Accounting Division of the Finance Department monitors and reports on the financial position as a support service for other City Departments. It monitors, records, and reports all financial transactions, and coordinates and prepares the City's annual financial statements. The accounting division also safeguards the City's assets. Inquiries can be directed to Accounting Manager, Sylvia Bermudez at 661-720-2211. 


    The Payroll section of the Accounting Division processes payroll on a bi-weekly basis to all employees.  Payroll strives to provide time and accurate payments to our employees, while maintaining compliance with City policies & procedures, labor agreements, and State and Federal Laws.  Payroll is also responsible for making sure quarterly and annual employment tax returns are filed in a timely manner.   Inquiries can be directed to Payroll Technician Maria Solis at 661-721-3310.

Please click on the links below to review salary schedules for City employee compensation and benefits
    MISC Salary Schedule
    MEG Salary Schedule
    DPO Salary Schedule
    DH Salary Schedule

In compliance with Government Code sections 12463 and 53892, the City filed, with the California State Controller’s office, various compensation information on all permanent employees employed during the most recently completed calendar year. Click here to see that information, California State Controller.

City Council Compensation Report

  • Council Member Compensation 12-13 
  • Council Member Compensation 13-14

    Accounts Payable 

        The Accounts Payable section of the Accounting Division provides professional and courteous customer service with the goal of producing timely and accurate financial services while safeguarding City assets through effective internal controls. Inquiries can be directed to Accounting Technician, Alexandra Alvarado at 661-720-2204.

        The Warrant registers give a detailed accounting of how taxpayer money has been spent. They appear on the City Council agendas for council approval. Warrant Register by fiscal year 2014-2015 as adopted in each council meeting

      Warrant Register by fiscal year 2016-2017 as adopted in each council meeting


    Warrant Register by fiscal year 2015-2016 as adopted in each council meeting


  • REGI010614
  • REGI012014
  • REGI020314
  • REGI021714
  • REGI030314
  • REGI031714
  • REGI040714
  • REGI042114
  • REGI050514
  • REGI051914
  • REGI060214
  • REGI061614

  • Treasury Section

    The Treasury section of the accounting division serves as custodian of the City's cash resources and efficiently manages the City's resources to maximize earnings.  Inquiries can be directed to Senior Accountant, Javier Villarreal at 661-720-2201.


  • CMTA Certificate

    City of Delano Investment Policy 

    Treasurer Reports by Fiscal Year

    2012/2013                                                            2013/2014
        Quarter ended September 30, 2012                Quarter ended September 30, 2013
    Quarter ended December 31, 2012                 Quarter ended December 31, 2013
        Quarter ended March 31, 2013                        Quarter ended March 31, 2014
        Quarterly ended June 30, 2013                        Quarter ended June 30, 2014

    2014/2015                                                            2015/2016
        Quarterly ended September 30, 2014              Quarterly ended September 2015
        Quarterly ended December 31 2014                Quarterly ended December 31 2015
        Quarterly ended March 31 2015                       Quarterly ended March 31 2016
        Quarterly ended June 30 2015                         Quarterly ended June 30 2016

        Quarterly ended September 30 2016