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City Facts
As of 2010, Delano's population had reached more than 54,447. In addition to this immediate populace, more than 130,000 residents live in the city's retail trade area.

With a median age of 28.8, Delano's population is considerably younger than that of most California counties.

Based on data from the 2009 Census, median household income in Delano equals $37,394. Median family income is slightly higher at $35,687. Per capita income equals $10,945. These figures all fall below the corresponding figures for Kern County. Kern County has a median household income of $46,216, a median family income of $50,776, and a per capita income of $19,939.

In Delano, 61.8 percent of the residents are natives of the United States, while 38.2 percent emigrated from another country. Of those residents, 71.8 percent claim Hispanic of Latino as their race, 14.6 percent claim Asian, 57.7 percent claim White, 5.2 percent claim Black or African American, 0.6 percent claim American Indian, 18.7 percent claim "other," and 2.9 percent claim two or more races.

Size and Growth Rate
  1. Delano is Kern County's second largest city.
  2. Delano's trade area is projected to grow at twice the rate of the state average through 2010.
  3. More than 130,000 residents live in Delano's retail trade area, which includes the communities of Delano, McFarland, Wasco, Earlimart, Pixley, Tipton, and Richgrove, as well as surrounding farms and ranches. This area grew by 45 percent from 1990 to 2000, and the population grew by nearly 20 percent more in 2005 and is projected to increase in growth of about 28% by 2020.