Chaplain Program


In February 2002 The Delano Police Department (DPD) incorporated Police Chaplains into the department. The chaplains are ordained clergy from different religious denominations that volunteer their time to help the police. Each chaplain was trained to work with the police by both the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) and the DPD.


The mission of the Chaplain Program has two goals; the first is to be of assistance to the law enforcement community, working along side the officers on routine patrols and during critical incidents. They provide an impartial ear officers can confide in when the need arises. chaplains are available to law enforcement families during times of officer involved accidents, sicknesses or deaths.
The second goal is to establish better relations with the community by providing help and comfort to the citizens in times of tragedy or in other situations where they may need assistance. Although the department does not provide official counseling services, chaplains are sometimes requested by the public to provide this service, which they are pleased to do. Chaplains are well versed in police procedure and in some cases are better able to explain these procedures to citizens during times of high stress.

General Information

There is always a chaplain on call 24 hours a day to handle any emergency such as, serious injury and death notifications, family crisis situations and spousal abuse, death and injury to officers and notification to their loved ones, incidents involving children, police shooting, hostage situations, homicides, sexual assault cases, school or workplace violence incidents, and severe injuries or fatalities.

Chaplains undergo yearly training by the ICPC and are able to provide these additional services to both the police and the community. Crisis intervention services / and crisis debriefings, Functioning as a liaison with community groups and religious leaders. Counseling; post traumatic events counseling, pre-marital counseling, family support services counseling, referrals to qualified clinical counseling. Perform ceremonial functions, do home and hospital visitations, provide critical incident stress management services, provide training, assist at sobriety / checkpoints by providing transport when needed, and providing assistance to outside agencies (Fire, Sheriff, FBI, DOJ, Coroner, and others).

Some of our chaplains have undergone additional training as school resource chaplains and assist the school resource officers in matters pertaining to elementary and high school counseling and family situations. They also assist with the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), Juvenile Diversion, and Neighborhood Accountability Board. These programs are designed to help children and teens to get back on track and successfully complete their education.

The chaplains have formed a charity that can give assistance through the Police Department to indigent travelers and victims of domestic abuse / violence. These services are only available by officers’ referrals but have proved a great help to stranded motorist and victims in need of a safe environment.

The Chaplain Program is one of the many ways that the Delano Police Department is stepping up its efforts through community policing. For additional information about chaplains, their training, and other referrals please follow these links: