Community Response

Police Community Response Unit (CRU)

The City of Delano is the Northern most city in Kern County and shares its borders with Tulare County. The city Police Department has always worked in innovative ways to serve the community and provide the highest service possible to the citizens with the available personnel and equipment.

In the 1960s the City of Delano was one of the centers of conflict between farm labor and farmers. The department trained many officers in riot, and crowd control along with surveillance techniques and special weapons to help the police services provide a safe and effective police response to the activities in Delano at that time.

With the increase in violence and the treat of terrorist attacks after 9/11, the police department recognized the need to develop a specialized unit of officer and support personnel to respond to emergencies and assignments that patrol officers and investigations officers are not normally equipped to handle. The team was organized under the name of the Community Response Unit (CRU).

The Chief of Police has authorized the organization and training of a specialized unit of sworn and non-sworn personnel who respond to emergencies in the City of Delano.

The assignment is voluntary and demands a personal commitment beyond a normal assignment.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Before selected to the Community Response Unit the candidate must pass a physical agility test designed to calculate the officer's strength and endurance. The candidate officer then must demonstrate proficiency with firearms and must go through a series of interviews designed to evaluate the officer's ability to think and act clearly under stressful situations.

Team members are to keep physically fit, maintain their firearms proficiency and be available at all times to handle any situation. Testing and training is continuous and mandatory for all personnel on the team. All the sworn members are trained in SWAT tactics at an academy with additional training in counter terrorism tactics, hostage rescue, high-risk entry, and advanced searching techniques. Some training has been conducted by representatives and personnel from GSG9, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corp, FBI, Marine Corp Scout Snipers, and other specialized training organizations.

The Community Response Unit is comprised of the SWAT Team, Crisis Negotiations Team, Tactical Communications Unit, and Medical Response Team who respond to incidents that require specialized equipment and tactics. Members of the team are cross-trained in all areas to provide emergency coverage.

It is an on-going commitment by the officers and personnel assigned to the team, the police administration, and the City of Delano to have the Community Response Unit prepared and ready for any emergency. Our mission is to respond and provide the best police service for our community.