Investigations Division

The Delano Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division is now located at 2330 High Street. The police officers assigned to this division have shown competency and proficiency while conducting investigations. The investigators conduct follow ups on major cases and other cases assigned to them. Each investigator specializes in a particular field as their primary duties. These investigative units are homicide investigation, robbery investigation, sexual assault investigations, financial / computer crimes investigations, narcotics investigations, and traffic accident investigations. Although the officers specialize in these areas, they are assigned other investigations to complete and duties to perform.

When a case has been assigned to a particular investigator, our staff sends a letter out letting the involved parties know who will be conducting the follow up on their case. Due to the number of cases assigned to the investigators it is better to call and set up an appointment if you wish to discuss your case or when working with the investigator.

24 Hour Tip Line Non-Emergency 

 (661) 721-3369

  1. Commander Lopez Photo

    Pete Lopez

    Investigations Division Commander

The 24-hour tip line is always available to help investigators solve difficult crimes and provide valuable information anonymously. If you wish to be contacted, you may also leave your contact information. This number is 661-721-3369 and is reviewed each day. Emergencies should be immediately reported through 911 and not through the tip line.

We, in the Criminal Investigations Division, want to provide the best possible investigative service to the community. With the support of the community it is our goal to solve crimes and help provide a safe community for our neighbors, family, and friends.


Jerry Nicholson