Evidence and Property

General Information

The Evidence Repository receives various types of items that are recorded and stored within the evidence and property system. Officers and investigators will routinely book found property, safe keeping items, items that requires destruction, and evidence. The secured facility holds narcotics, weapons, bicycles, computers, and DNA evidence in accordance with current laws and department policy.

Due to the nature of the position, the evidence custodian is oftentimes away from the office transporting evidence to the laboratory or pulling evidence for upcoming court cases. If you have property that is to be returned to you, it is imperative that you call the evidence custodian and schedule an appointment so that your property may be returned in a timely manner. Property that can be returned will be, however, in the event we are not able to contact you, your property may be destroyed in accordance with department policy after the required retention period has expired.

Contacting the Evidence Custodian (Release of Property)

You may contact the evidence custodian by calling 661-721-3377, extension 270. Physical release of all evidence, unless otherwise indicated, will be completed at the Delano Police Department, which is located at:
2330 High Street
Delano, CA 93215

What you must present in order to receive your items back:
  • Identification.
  • Proof of ownership (may be established by receipts, police report, or other means satisfactory to the Evidence Custodian).
  • If you are retrieving a handgun, shotgun, or rifle, you must have and present a Law Enforcement Gun Release letter from the California Department of Justice to our Evidence Custodian. For more information regarding gun letters, please visit the California Department of Justice's website.
  • If you are attempting to retrieve a firearm, you must be free of any convictions or court orders restricting your from possessing a weapon.