Rules of the Road

Rules for Safe Travel

Rules ensure safety and comfort for all passengers and the bus operator. Please observe the following rules:
  • No smoking on buses or at transit facilities
  • Eating and drinking is permitted, provided that you dispose of the waste from eating or drinking
  • No standing in front of the white “standee” line while the bus is in motion
  • No unnecessary conversation with bus operator
  • No abusive, threatening, or obscene language on the bus
  • All electronic devices in use require the use of headphones
  • No flammable, hazardous materials or weapons of kind shall be allowed on board (except oxygen)
  • All animals brought on board must be in a approved pet carrier, except properly documented service animals
  • No signs or advertisements may be placed on board vehicles on on bus stop facilities. Contact the Transportation Services Department at 661-721-2284 to advertise on buses or bus stop facilities
  • No vandalism or graffiti allowed on buses or transit facilities
  • No illegal activity of any kind shall be tolerated
  • All strollers, scooters, folding carts, and large packages must be stowed away under the seat
  • Rollerblades and skates are not allowed to be worn on buses
  • Shoes and shirts are required to ride buses
  • No littering on buses or at transit facilities
  • No refuse (including recyclable items)
  • Misuse of transfers, passes, or tickets with the intent to evade fare payment is illegal
  • Up to five shopping bags, luggage or packages are allowed. Bus Operators may assist in carrying packages less than 25 pounds
  • The City of Delano reserves the right to refuse service to passengers who demonstrate disruptive and unsafe behavior
These rules are enforced and some are part of the California Penal Code Section 640. Violation of rules may results in bus operator not permitting passenger to board the bus and/or a $250 fine with up to six months of community service.