Ridesharing, Park & Ride Lots

Save Money Carpooling

Kern Commute Connection is a free service that introduces commuters to people who live and work nearby, to carpool, or even bicycle to work together. Ride sharing benefits include access to free park-and-ride lots, and a host of commuter incentives.

When commuters request a free match list, their commute information is entered into a database with the names of thousands of commuters. A match list containing a list of people who live and work nearby is then mailed to the commuter requesting the match list.  You can also sign up online and match with other passengers traveling to the same or close by destinations.

Kern Commute Connection's goal is to help travelers save time and money on the road. The commute calculator can show solo drivers how even occasionally using an alternative form of transportation can dramatically save commuting costs. Kern Commute Connection staff also work with employers to design and set-up ride sharing programs.

If you'd like help getting started, we have operators available to walk you through your transit options:
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