Delano Area Dial-A-Ride General Information

General Information

  • Delano dial-a-ride is open to the general public.
  • Telephone Information and Reservations: 661-721-3333
  • TDD/TTY: 711 through the California Relay Service
Transit DAR
Delano Area Dial-A-Ride is the provider of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit door-to-door public transportation service within the City of Delano and surrounding unincorporated county areas. Service is provided to residents and visitors of the City of Delano who have qualified through an application process in accordance with the ADA.

ADA complementary paratransit service is provided within the city limits of Delano and into the unincorporated Kern county areas, during the service hours of Delano Area Rapid Transit (DART) fixed route buses. This service is available to seniors age 61 and over, persons with disabilities, and ADA eligible riders. Travel to destinations beyond our service area will require a transfer to Kern Regional Transit or Tulare county Area Transit (TCaT) fixed route buses.

Dial-A-Ride Uses

Delano Area Dial-A-Ride may be used for:
  • Appointments
  • Events
  • Medical
  • Meetings
  • Recreation
  • Senior services
  • Shopping
  • Work
  • Much more

Vehicles are wheelchair accessible for two wheelchairs. The service is a two-tiered service, which means other passengers utilize Delano Area Dial-A-Ride.

For additional information, download the Rider's Guide.

Subscription Service

Subscription service is the practice of providing repetitive trips over an extended period of time without the passenger calling to request each trip. According to ADA guidelines, this service may not absorb more than 50% of the trips available on a given day.

This service is good for dialysis patients and people who travel to the same destination on a daily or weekly basis. It is the responsibility of the passenger to reconfirm all subscription trips, which are scheduled after holidays, school vacations, or other breaks in service. A subscription application must be filled out and submitted to DART before become eligible to take advantage of the service.
Transit DAR