Fares / Tickets / Passes

Age Group
Adults (6-60 years)
  • City limits outside DART Service Area
Medicare, seniors, persons with disabilities, and ADA Eligible Users
  • City limits
Children under 5 years Free (with fare paying adult,limit two free fares per adult)

Additional Rules

  • All passengers traveling into the unincorporated county areas must pay $4.00.
  • Companions must pay a fare of $3.00 in the city limits and $4.00 to the unincorporated county areas and travel to the same destination as the passenger that they are riding with.
  • Personal care attendants (PCA) ride free when declared by the passenger or shown on their Delano Area Dial-A-Ride eligibility card. PCA must travel to the same destination as the rider.
  • Seniors age 61 years old and older can take advantage of riding Delano Area Dial-A-Ride for free between home and the senior lunch programs at Jefferson Senior Center and Ellington Senior Center. Just call at least one hour in advance for a ride to 661-721-3333 - TDD/TTY: 711 through the California Relay Service.

Ten Ride City Passes

Passengers may purchase 10-Ride GoPasses for Delano Area Dial-A-Ride. 10-ride city passes are valid only on the service specified. 10-ride city passes are not valid on other transit operators that serves Delano or on DART.


Age Group
Adults (6-60 years)
  • City limits outside DART service area
Seniors / Medicare / ADA eligible persons with disabilities (61 years old and older)
  • City limits

10-Ride County Pass

Unincorporated county area 10-ride county pass - $40.00 pass outlets city passes can be purchased at the following locations.

Pass Purchasing

Location Address Passes Available Hours
City Hall Finance Department 1015 11th Ave.
Delano, CA
10-Ride City Pass Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Delano Station 1120 Glenwood St.
Delano, CA
10-Ride GoPass Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Delano Municipal Airport 1212 Airport Drive
Delan, CA
10-Ride GoPass Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

City Passes are not sold on the buses.

Fare Media

You can order fare media by sending a check payable to City of Delano

You may also send a money order to:
Delano Transit Center
P.O Box 3010.
Delano, CA 93216.


Passengers may request a transfer when paying their fare on Delano Area Dial-A-Ride. The transfer will be valid for the next available DART bus. Transfers are not good for return trips and are only good for the time and date indicated on the transfer for the passenger who was issued the transfer. Transfers are valid for one hour and can not be used on to ride Delano Area Dial-A-Ride again.

Delano Area Dial-A-Ride does not accept any transfers from passengers. This includes DART, Kern Regional Transit or Tulare county Area Transit (TCaT) transfers. Kern Regional Transit and TCaT do not accept DART transfers.

DART transfers are not valid on Delano Area Dial-A-Ride. Passengers coming from Delano Area Dial-A-Ride to DART may transfer free to DART.