Riding DART

Tips for Riding DART Safely

Our friendly DART staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you customize your trip by planning the best routes possible. Here are some helpful tips to remember when you call our transit information hotline:
  • Have paper and pencil ready
  • Tell us where you are (city, major intersection or address)
  • Tell us where you would like to go (your destination)
  • Tell what days of the week you want to travel
  • Tell us what time of day you will be traveling
Fixed Route Bus

Riding the Bus

Which Bus to Take

The large destination sign above the front window and on the side window of the bus tell you what bus you are about to get on. Watch these signs to be sure that you board the correct bus.

When boarding and de-boarding the bus:
  • Use handrails to help you keep your balance
  • Avoid long stretch steps to the first step of the bus when boarding or to the curb when getting off the bus
  • Once you have boarded the bus, move toward the rear and be seated without delay. If there is a vacant seat, please take it. If you must stand, hold tightly onto a post or handrail behind the white line
  • Please leave the front row of seats available to persons that are elderly or who have a disability

Leaving the Bus

  • Be alert for your destination
  • If you are not familiar with the area, ask your bus operator to let you know when you are approaching your stop
  • When you are about one block from your destination, sound the chime by pulling the overhead cord
  • The driver will proceed to the next stop
  • For your safety, please remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop
  • Exit doors cannot open while the bus is in motion
  • Use the rear door to exit when possible, although it is acceptable to depart the bus using the front door as well
  • Hold onto the bar until you are clear of the steps