Crime Prevention Tips

Bicycle Theft

Theft of unsecured property is the most reported crime in Delano. Please follow these helpful tips to help prevent the theft of your bicycle:
  • Never leave your bicycle unattended. It only takes a few seconds to steal a bike when left outside.
  • Always lock your bicycle to a fixed object. If possible use a locking chain or cable so that you may be able to weave it through the wheels and frame of the bicycle. Avoid locking your bicycle using only the front or rear wheel as they can be removed.
  • Secure your bicycle when it is not being used. Keep your bicycle in the garage where it cannot be seen by thieves.

Bicycle Safety

Bike riding can be fun. It is a great way of getting around town and a great source of exercise but it can also be dangerous. Always remember to wear safety equipment when riding your bicycle.
Before going on a bike ride make sure that your bicycle is in proper working order:
  • Check the height of the seat and that it is adjusted correctly.
  • Make sure that the seat is locked tightly.
  • Check the tires if they are work or need to be inflated.
  • Check your brakes and make sure they operate properly.
  • Ensure that the chain is oiled and tight.
  • Inspect the chain guard and ensure that no clothing will interfere with the chain.
  • Try not to ride your bicycle in the dark but if you must, make sure that there are reflectors installed so that you will be seen by motorists.

Home Safety

  • Always keep you garage and front door closed and locked even when you are at home. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to take something.
  • Always remember to lock your doors and windows when leaving and if you have an alarm system, use it. Please remember if you have an alarm, you must have an alarm permit with the City of Delano. If you need an Alarm Permit you can obtain one from the Delano Police Department or you can print one out and return it to the police station.
  • Participate in the Operation Identification program to deter burglars from taking your property.
  • Never leave your keys, purse or wallet near your doors or window where they may be seen by a thief. Thieves can easily take them if you leave them near an unlocked door or window.

Internet Safety

  • Understand what internet sites your children visit.
  • Set rules for your children about using the internet. Tell them what types of sites are permitted and which ones that are not as well as chat programs, bulletin boards, and social networking sites.
  • If your child uses a chat type of service, learn more about the people your child is chatting with.
  • Keep your computer in a common area of your home so that you may monitor them when they are online.
  • Never allow your children to meet with another computer user without your permission.
  • Tell your children to never give out their personal information such as their name, address, or telephone number in emails, chat rooms, or bulletin boards.
  • Make sure that your child’s screen name is neutral. Never allow them to use their real name, nickname, or anything “suggestive”.

Recreational Safety

These tips are for those who spend their time in the outdoors.
  • Never go hiking or camping alone. Let someone know that you will be going on a camping or hiking trip. Do not go on a trip without telling someone where you will be going.
  • Familiarize yourself with the local emergency locations in case of accidents or if a crime occurs.
  • Avoid leaving your campsite and leaving your camping equipment unattended.
  • Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other’s property.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Carry a spare lock so you can use the storage containers available at most parks .
  • If you must leave valuables in your car, lock them in your trunk. Leaving your property exposed for others to see may invite a thief to steal your valuables or your vehicle.
  • Mark your equipment. Use a marker with indelible ink to mark your sleeping bag, tent, food locker and camping lamps.
  • Never let children wander off alone or unattended near a body of water.
  • Make sure that everyone on your trip understands the park / campground rules and regulations.
  • Have everyone carry a whistle in case of an emergency.
  • If you see anything suspicious, report it to the local park ranger, police, sheriff, or property owner.

Lost or Stolen Wallet or Purse

With Identity Theft on the rise it is very important for those who have lost their wallet or purse to report it to the proper authorities. Criminals are no longer only looking for quick cash from your wallet. They are also interested in your identification cards, social security number, and credit card accounts.
  • Think of where you last saw or had your wallet or purse. If it cannot be found, contact the Delano Police Department.
  • Make a list of the contents of your wallet or purse such as: credit cards, ATM cards, checks, driver’s license, or identification cards.
  • Contact your credit card companies and alert them to your missing credit cards.
  • Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a new driver’s license.
  • Contact your local Social Security office to obtain a new social security card if it was in your wallet or purse.
  • Check all of your bills and bank accounts for any unusual activity. If any activity is found, report it to the Delano Police Department, Investigations Division.