Establishing New Service Account

Establishing A New Service Account

In order to open a new service account, home or business owners are required to furnish proof of property ownership as established in our Municipal Code Title 13 Water, Sewer, and Refuse.  Proof of ownership can be furnished by an escrow closing statement, deed of trust, property tax bill or mortgage statement.  Non-owners are required to furnish a rental/lease agreement.  In addition, all new customers must provide proof of identity (an unexpired state identification card or California Driver License) as well as a deposit.  Below is the application to establish a new service account:

Download Application for New Service

Deposit schedule for new accounts is below, please refer to the section that pertains you (i.e. Owner or Tenant):
The deposit is refundable within 4 to 6 weeks of the termination of service, less any balance remaining on the account.  Deposit is applied to the account if the account is in good standing after 6-8 months of the account being opened.

Per Resolution No. 2013-16 the Utility Billing fees are as followed:
Contacting Other Utilities
Electrical services are provided by Southern California Edison

Natural Gas services are provided by Southern California Gas

Telephone Services are provided by AT&T , Verizon , Vonage and Frontier

Trash Services are provided by the City of Delano's Public Works Division (661) 721-3350.

Cable services are provided by Bright House and Direct TV

Internet services are provided by DSL ,HughesNet Internet Services and Frontier