Change of Name

Changing a Name on an Account

The following are events that trigger a name change on the account:
  • Death of property owner/tenant - If the property owner/tenant is deceased we do require a death certificate.  If the tenant is deceased a new lease agreement is required.
  • Divorce - If the property owners get divorced we do require a divorce decree if account holder is trying to remove an existing name on the account.   
  • Sale of Property - If the property owner sells his property, we require the closing statement.
  • Transfer of property ownership - If the property owner chooses to transfer his/her property we do require a copy of the Grant deed, a deposit fee, and a unexpired valid ID.  Unless the property will be transferred between spouses, due to one spouse being deceased, then no deposit will be required.
We prefer parties to make request of name change in person, when at all possible; however we do accept requests via fax as well as long as requesting party faxes a notarized written statement with supporting documentation to Utility Billing Staff at (661) 721-3314.