Adding a Name to an Existing Account

Adding a Name to an Existing Account
If you are the property owner, you may add the name of your spouse or domestic partner, we prefer both parties be present at the time, if the property owner is not able to be present then we require a  notarized written statement giving authorization to add respective spouse/domestic partner to the account.

The following documentation is required for adding your spouse/domestic partner:
  •    Certificate of marriage
  •    Declaration of Domestic Partnership
  •    Legal photo identification (i.e. passport, driver's license, naturalization form, resident 
       alien card, or military I.D.) 
We prefer parties to make request of adding a name to an existing account in person, when at all possible; however we do accept requests via fax as well as long as requesting party faxes a notarized written statement with supporting documentation to Utility Billing Staff at (661) 721-3314.