Senior Discount

Senior Discount 

The City of Delano offers a discount to its senior citizens on their utility bill as established in our Municipal Code Title 13 Water, Sewerage, and Refuse. Pursuant to Ordinance No. 2013 - 1266 passed and adopted October 7, 2013 individuals sixty years of age or older, who own and reside in their own home, shall be eligible for a fifteen percent discount on their regular monthly flat rate or metered rate service fee for that property. 

The following steps are required to qualify for the fifteen percent discount:
  1. Complete and sign senior citizen discount application;
  2. Return completed application to City Hall located at 1015 11th Avenue;
  3. Provide proof of age in the form of an unexpired state identification or driver's license to Utility Billing when turning in application;
  4. Provide proof of ownership (e.g. deed of trust, property tax bill, mortgage statement)

Senior citizen discount application is below:

Senior Discount Application

The fifteen percent discount will be effective thirty days from the date of application after approval. In order to continue to receive the senior discount, individuals will be required to submit on annual basis by July 1st an updated application to the utility billing department. The ability of funding the senior discount is dependent on the availability of Measure I funds.