Two housing units, which accommodate approximately 594 inmates is divided into seven dormitories.  One dormitory provides 9 single cells and a dayroom, plus additional dormitory housing on the second tier of the dorm.  Six dormitories provide sleeping areas and dayrooms.  Each dormitory has toilets, lavatories and showers to meet Title 15 standards.

Other housing unit areas include control rooms, offices, staff toilet, storage/janitor closets, and sallyport.  The offices are used during the daytime primarily by correctional counselors who need to be easily accessible to inmates.  They may also be used by chaplains and counseling staff.

Dayroom functions include passive and active indoor activities and occasional dining.
The control rooms provide surveillance of all sleeping areas and dayrooms.  They provide adequate workspace for control room staff and direct sight line monitoring of corridor traffic within the housing units.  Electronic controls and inmate monitoring equipment are also located in the Control Room.  The sallyports allow controlled access to the housing unit and to each of the dormitories.

Community Services

Community service work details operate outside the facility with inmates under Correctional Officer supervision which provide useful services to the community and inmates alike.  These activities include:

  • Building and Ground Maintenance
  • Park Ground Maintenance
  • Street and Sidewalk Clearing
  • Weed Abatement
The City of Delano, Community Services Department, provides one Correctional Officer who supervises one Off Reservation Work Assignment (ORWA) crew to monitor the City's gold course.

Facility Work Programs

Work opportunities are provided to inmates in the facility kitchen and food delivery service, laundry and library service. Additional work opportunities are available through the facility maintenance supervisor for tasks such as plumbing repair and maintenance, painting and general building cleaning and maintenance.

Outdoor Recreation

Inmates use the enclosed yards for basketball and other outdoor sports. The housing unit control stations provide surveillance of the yards and better inmate management. The yard also provides circulation space for inmates using support building services. The outside recreation yard is geared for team recreational activities.