Support Services

Laundry Services

Laundry services are provided on site for all inmates. The exchange of clean and soiled laundry items occurs on a schedule basis by housing units. The laundry also provides work opportunities for inmates.

Food Service

The DMCCF operates a full service conventional kitchen serving at least two cooked, hot meals daily. To the degree the facility operation require it, nutritional hot lunches are also prepared for noon-day meals. An average of 43,000 meals are served each month.

Library Services

Shelves and cabinets are provided in the classroom areas for display and storage of a recreational reading collection. Inmates may obtain reading materials by submitting a request form and signing for each book. Currently, the Recreational Reading Library has 4,514 books.


Religious services are provided in the classroom areas. Most major faiths are represented. Chaplains are allowed to use the offices in the housing unit for counseling with inmates.


The visiting area is used for contact visiting. The space is divisible to provide a private visiting area for attorney/inmate visiting. Visiting days are on Saturdays, Sundays and most Holidays.

Inmate access to visiting is controlled and inmates are searched upon return to the housing unit. A public waiting area is provided. Visitors are processed and undergo a metal detector check before visiting.

Please visit our Visiting page for more information.


Inmates participate in academic education/pre-release programs. The emphasis is on basic education and job training skills.

Two large multipurpose rooms or classrooms are provided. The classrooms each have a divider wall to provide four areas. Each classroom provides instructional space, a teacher's desk and locked storage for materials.

Medical Station

The DMCCF provides a medical station/examination room with space for an examination table, a small desk and locked storage for medication and supplies. Sick call is provided on site but inmates requiring extensive examination or treatment are transferred to another facility. Emergency services are provided contractually by local health care providers.


An area is provided for storing and distributing canteen items to inmates. The DMCCF canteen provides inmates with a wide variety of food and notions which they purchase out of their personal funds. All items are screened by staff for security concerns.