City Manager's Letter


I would like to welcome you to the official website of the City of Delano, the “Diamond of the Golden Empire”. The website has been redesigned and it is my hope you will find it more user friendly and informative. Our goal is to maximize communicating with you and provide quick and accurate information regarding city services and activities.

Delano has grown to become the second largest city in Kern County, California. Strategically situated along Freeway 99 and well connected to surrounding communities by highways, Delano is emerging as the center of trade and services for residents in a 25-mile radius area.

Growing City

In recent months, the City has experienced unprecedented growth. This is mainly due to the pro-business attitude, available incentive programs, affordable land costs, available work force, friendly government officials, and most of all, citizens who embrace their community with pride.

Known around the world for its high quality table grapes and other agricultural products, Delano’s economy has been enhanced by the addition of Sears Logistic Services, the West Coast distribution center for Sears, Paramount Citrus Packing, and many more industrial and commercial facilities.

For a more comprehensive overview of the services we provide, I invite you to browse the rest of our site. I’m confident you will find the information very interesting.

-City Manager