Park Safety

Supervise Kids Using Playground Equipment

  • Actively supervise children on playgrounds.
  • Check playgrounds where your children play. Look for hazards, such as rusted or broken equipment and dangerous surfaces. Report any hazards to the appropriate local office.
  • Metal surfaces can get very hot from the sun and seriously burn a child's hands and legs. Plastic slides can get very hot, too. On hot, sunny days, look for playgrounds where slides are shaded.
  • Teach children that pushing, shoving or crowding while on the playground can be dangerous.
  • Dress appropriately for the playground. Remove necklaces, purses, scarves or clothing with drawstrings that can get caught on equipment and pose a strangulation hazard. Even bike helmets can be dangerous on a playground.
  • Ensure that children use age-appropriate playground equipment
  • For babies who are learning to walk, the play area should have a smooth and easy surface to walk on.
  • Recommended surface materials include: sand, pea gravel, wood chips, mulch and shredded rubber. Rubber mats, synthetic turf and other artificial materials are also safe surfaces and require less maintenance.
  • If there are any hazards in a public playground, report them immediately and do not allow children to use the equipment until it is safe.