Park Shelters

⛅Park Shelters covered by a permanent roof structure are available for reservations at the following locations.

For availability and fee information, call (661) 721-3335.

Seating Capacity
Tables & Sizes
BBQ Grill
Shelter Electricity
Albany Park 1 (Hill)
2001 Albany Street
(6) 2.5ft X 6ft, (1) 2.5ft X 15ft  
Albany Park 2 (Street)
2001 Albany Street
(6) 2.5ft X 6ft
Cecil Park North
1730 Madison Street
(4) 2.5ft X 15ft
Cecil Park South
1630 Madison Street
(4) 2.5ft X 6.5ft 
Chavez Park 1
901 Ellington Street
(8) 2.5ft X 6Ft
Jefferson Park 1
502 Jefferson Street
(2) 2.5ft X 15ft 
Kalibo Park  1
1001 22nd Avenue
(3) 2.5ft X 15ft
Morningside Picnic Area
2108 20th Avenue
(6) 2.5ft x 6ft
Cecil Park North Stage 1730 Madison Street
25ft x 29ft Plot

💲 Daily Use Rate   Rental Fee: $50.00     Sound Permit: Included       Alcohol Permit: Included *Other Fees may apply.

Reservation information
*Fully paid rental fee is necessary to reserve date.
*No Refund if renter cancels.
*Date or Location change will result in a $20.00 service fee.  
*Picnic areas not listed operate on a first come first serve basis.

📍 Administration Office
925 Ellington St. Delano, CA 93215
Monday – Thursday
8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Phone: (661) 721-3335


  • TIP 1: Bring extra toilet paper, seat covers, and garbage bags. Restrooms are not guaranteed to have toiletries.
  • TIP 2: Make sure that any bounce house vendor you utilize has insurance coverage and own source of electricity.

📋 Park Shelter Application
* Completed park shelter applications can only be summitted at our Administration Office during normal business hours.

📝Park Shelter Application           📝Solicitud De Refugio Para Parques

❔ Park Shelter Reservation FAQ's
What parks have shelters available for reservation?
See above shelter table, spaces not listed are available to all park guest and are used on a first come first serve basis.
What dates are available for reservation?
Please call 721-3335 and inquire availability on desired date. Full payment necessary to hold date.
Can I change the dates of my reservation
Yes, but a fee of $20.00 will be applied. Cancellations are non-refundable..
How far ahead can I make a park shelter reservation?
Applications will be accepted up to six (6) months in advance.
How much does it cost to reserve a park shelter?
$50.00, We accept cash, card, and checks made out to the City of Delano. All Fees paid are not refundable.
What is included in the reservation?
Alcohol and Sound Permits along with features listed in the table above.
What park shelters allow access to electricity?
No park shelter has electricity equipped. Only Cecil North Park Stage has electricity and can be reserved for $75.00.
What is the seating capacity of a shelter?
See details listed above or Park feature Matrix.
What are the park hours of operation?
6:00a.m. – 10:00p.m. City Code 9.16.110
Is alcohol allowed in the park?
No, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all city parks. An alcohol permit is included in a park shelter rental. Alcohol can only be consumed only within the bounds of the park shelter.
Do I need a Alcohol permit?
Yes, if alcohol will be present. A alcohol permit is included in a park shelter rental. Renter must be 21 years old or older. This permit only applies to a park shelter rental and allows only consumption within the bounds of the shelter.
Do I need a sound permit?
Yes, if a source of amplified sound will be present. A sound permit is included in a park shelter rental.
Do I need a Special Events Permit?
A special event permit if necessary for but are not limited to, concerts, parades, circuses, fairs, festivals, block parties, street fairs, community events, mass participation sports (such as marathons and other running events), athletic or sporting events, and community celebrations and observances conducted on public property or public rights-of-way. Also, any other organized activity involving fifteen or more persons conducted by a person for a common or collective use, purpose or benefit which involves the use of, or has an impact on, public property or facilities and which may require the provision of city public services in response there to which is open to the public; City Code 10.24.010
What time do park lights turn on?
Varies throughout the year within 30 mins after sun set and off at 10:00p.m.
Are bounce structures allowed on park property?
Yes, we suggest vendors with valid city business licenses and insurance. Vendors are required to add the City of Delano to the insurance. Once added, please submit a copy to our office along with endorsement letter. If the previous measures are not followed it is at party’s own risk. No vehicles are allowed on park turf even to just drop off supplies, due to turf and watering system damage. City Code 9.16.070
Are Water Slides allowed?
No, due to turf damage and unavailable water source.
Can we use Cecil Park North Stage?
Yes, it is a separate reservation space. If not reserved all park guest may use it on a first come first serve basis. To reserved it is $75.00 fee. Access to electricity is included.
Can we bring our own BBQ grill?
Yes, we suggest gas powered. If charcoal, please disposed of ashes properly and not left on park turf. This can damage the turf and or cause harm to individuals.
Are Taco Trucks allowed?
Yes, street parking only. No vehicles of any kind are allowed on park turf. City Code 9.16.070.
Can we add extra fixtures?
Yes, but no anchors driven into the ground as they may puncture water lines and damage park turf.
Can I sell alcohol?
Yes, if you have acquired a Special Events Permit and ABC Permit.