Where is Delano Station?
We are located at 1120 Glenwood Street at the corner of 11th Avenue and Glenwood Street next to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Look for a clock tower on a building with a green roof.

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1. What time does the Kern Regional Transit or TCaT bus come?
2. How much is the fare for DART?
3. What time does DART bus service begin?
4. Can DART bus passes be purchased through the mail ?
5. My son, aged 16, needs to ride the bus to and from work, but it’s the summer, can he still obtain a student I.D.?
6. My child is riding the bus to and from school, how safe is she?
7. My child has after school activities, how often will buses run after normal school hours?
8. Are DART Passes refundable, exchangeable or replaceable?
9. How can I access Transit Information?
10. When are DART Passes available for purchase?
11. Does DART sell tickets books?
12. Where can I pick up bus schedules and other information for Dial-A-Ride and DART?
13. Where can I purchase Kern Regional Transit or TCaT tickets?
14. Can I use Delano Area Dial-A-Ride?
15. Where is Delano Station?